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Hawaii Honeymoon Hunt

September 09, 2014 by

I was fortunate enough to tie the knot with my very supportive fiance, now wife, on August 2, 2014. Last year at SCI we booked a hunting trip to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Tell me I didn't find a good woman!! We planned our entire honeymoon around this 2 day hunt for Axis deer and Spanish goats. As hurricane Iselle hit the Big Island of Hawaii we were afraid it was going to ruin our hunting plans on the island of Maui. After some downed trees were cleared and with hurricane Julio not far off shore, we were able to squeeze in a day of hunting.

In the cover of darkness we were able to sneak out to a rocky point where we could hear does bleating and bucks roaring. As the large herd of Axis bucks started working closer we were able to look for a good mature buck. This train of Axis deer seemed to never end. After nearly 80 deer passed within 100 yards of our setup we finally spotted the buck we were after. He presented a nice broadside shot at 85 yards and my Axis deer hunt was over in 30 minutes!! I didn't get the name "Last Minute Muller" by tagging out of the first day so this was a little foreign for me. The stars aligned, the weather held, and Deana and I were able to experience a great hunt. I was also lucky enough to take a nice Spanish goat while hunting that morning. The view of the mountains, the oceans, and the tons of wild free ranging game really made for a great adventure.

Accommodations were very nice for being in remote Maui and the family atmosphere really was icing on the cake. My wife and I are already talking about going back for some Axis hunting and mai tais!!

I was also able to take this nice Hawaiian Feral Goat while hunting Maui.