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Trusted Outfitters:

Outdoor Adventure Specialists works solely with honest hard working outfitters that provide a quality experience to our clients. We have weeded through many outfitters to offer the best available hunts for our clients. The outfitters have been tested by myself or one of our trusted experienced consultants. This hands on experience takes the uncertainty out of your hunting adventure and ultimately gives you the best opportunity to put a trophy animal into your hands.

Travel Assistance:

One of the most stressful elements of your hunt can be the travel to and from your hunting destination. Outdoor Adventure Specialists will provide assistance with the best available travel options for each hunting adventure. The suggested dates, airlines, luggage information, and destinations will be provided if you are traveling by air. The suggested route, ferry, and parking information will be provided if you are traveling by vehicle. Also some possible overland service (taxi, shuttle, van) suggestions will be provided if needed.

Customs Paperwork:

If you are traveling out of the country in which you reside, you will most likely need customs paperwork. Outdoor Adventure Specialists will assist you with what paperwork is necessary to travel with your weapon of choice. We will also provide advice on bringing your trophies safely home and as cost effective as possible; while connecting you with quality expediters, brokers, and import/export agencies.

Gear Suggestion:

One of the most important aspects of a successful hunting adventure is having the correct gear. Outdoor Adventure Specialists will provide you with specific gear advice that has been proven in the field. Your success in the field is important to us so we want to make sure you have the correct gear and have practiced for the scenarios in which you will encounter. Individual gear lists are provided upon request for your specific hunting adventure, with advance notice.