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Mule Deer Mexico

The famous wide racked Desert Mule deer bucks of the Sonora Desert are elusive in the seemingly flat and empty desert. Large sandy desert flats are filled with barrel and cholla cactus that the deer love to browse. Interspersed dry brushy creek beds and overgrown thickets offer the perfect bedding for these bucks to hide and grow old. These dark horned monsters are known for incredible mass, giant frames, and wide spreads. Bucks will average 180"-220" with a few getting larger and spreads of 26”-36” outside. Our outfitter leases many large private ranches with quality deer numbers and genetics. With over 30 years of outfitting experience our outfitter understands how to consistently produce massive free range trophies every season.

We offer hunts from mid-December through January. This includes pre-rut all the way through the heart of the rut in mid-January. The hunt starts when you arrive in Hermosillo where the outfitter will escort you smoothly through customs and safely transport you to and back from your ranch. Hunting is limited to 2-4 hunters per ranch but larger parties can be arranged. Each private ranch has on site lodging that has all the amenities of home with hot showers, flushing toilets, and comfortable beds. You will experience local culture and amazing true Mexican food while hunting in Sonora. American food is also provided. Each ranch has a chef to prepare your three filling meals per day.

Hunting tactics include covering a lot of ground in high rack 4X4 pickups on the seemingly endless ranch roads, spotting and stalking, and tracking. Each hunt includes 1 guide and 1 driver for each hunter. These experienced local guides will assist in spotting and judging trophy animals while making sure your hunt in enjoyable. Many of these ranches have Javelina and some have Coues deer which can be hunted on a trophy fee basis.

The combination of a relaxing hunting style, BIG desert Mule Deer, and comfortable weather makes this hunt a MUST for any traveling hunter.

Mexico Mule Deer


My Husband and I booked our honeymoon adventure through OAS two years ago. I knew that I was marrying a man who loved to hunt and he knew I wanted an unforgettable experience. We were not the easiest clients to work with; we wanted the hunt of a lifetime. A few things OAS was able to do for us: My husband wanted a great hunt, good food, and to stay within a budget. I asked for a lodge with pet-friendly accommodations, I wanted to hunt with my husband in a stand (not in a ground blind), and I wanted to use my bow. OAS was able to find a hunt that encompassed all of the things we wanted: a great lodge with 3 amazing meals provided every day, a company who accepted our small pets, and a guide willing to accommodate such a ‘needy girl’. I had the time of my life on this hunt! The week of our hunt I got the first kill and ended up with the largest bear of the week. I cannot image a more amazing experience to share than going to Canada and bringing home two Black Bears. Most couples bring home a few souvenirs and pictures from their honeymoon, we have two beautiful trophies mounted in our cabin that remind of us the amazing experience every day. Our hunt was great, our guides were the best, and all our travels were eased with the guidance we received from OAS. I can truly say that working with OAS has been our pleasure and we would recommend working with Chris to everyone!

- Saren & Derek of Dexter, Missouri

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