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Moose British Columbia

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The north central region of British Columbia is a remote area teeming with multiple trophy species. This area holds big 50"+ Moose with great mass, lots of points, and large palms. Hunting nearly 5,000 square miles of remote wilderness allows for multiple opportunities at these gigantic Canada Moose bulls. These are classified as Canada Moose but with their proximity to the Yukon the area produces bulls close to Alaska/Yukon trophy quality. The home base lodge is absolutely as breathtaking as the mountains surrounding it!! The outfitter utilizes float planes or horse pack trains to spike out to areas where the guides have scouted the best target animals. An experienced outfitter in a proven trophy region is the best combination for a successful adventure.

Moose hunting is best experienced September 1st through October 15th every fall. Hunts can be booked in multiple combinations. This hunt can be combined with Elk, Mountain Goat, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear and Wolf. 10-11 day singles specie hunts are guided 1x1 and other species can be added on a trophy fee basis. An optional 2x1 hunt is available for single specie hunts. 10-14 day multi-species hunts are guided 1x1 and include other species available. The multi-species hunt is the perfect package for a true northern BC adventure. Known to many as the “North American Safari.”

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British Columbia Moose


I wanted to hunt Antelope with my bow. Chris set me up on an amazing hunt, making sure I was prepared between proper tags purchased, and travel itinerary. He even contacted me a day before my hunt while he was on his honeymoon to make sure I was all set! Who does that?? A great service provider that's who! I will definitely use his services again.

- Clif of Gloversville, New York

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