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Desert Bighorn Sheep

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The dark chocolate razor sharp rocks and various species of thorny cactus that cover much of the mountainous regions of Mexico are home to the elusive Desert Bighorn Sheep. These beautiful dark horned rams live in small secluded herds throughout the Sonora Desert and Baja Peninsula. Our outfitter has been involved with the conservation of Desert Sheep in Mexico for many years and understands how to operate a successful outfitting business. He has outfitted many dedicated sheep hunters to their Grand Slam and Super Slam rams throughout his career. Our outfitter offers hunts on a free range ranch in the Sonora Desert and on the famous Carmen Island.

Carmen Island is a 30,000+ acre paradise located in the Sea of Cortez off the Baja Peninsula. This island sanctuary is home to a healthy population of Desert Bighorn Sheep and many other species of Mexico. To date, every hunter who has hunted the island, including archery hunters, has been successful in taking a trophy Desert Bighorn Sheep. The outfitter utilizes a beautiful hacienda located on the beach front where you will stay every night throughout your hunt. Meals will be prepared by a chef as you relax after a long day of hiking and glassing. Leaving each morning you will travel by foot or by boat to the rugged interior where the rams find shelter and water. These hunts are 10 days with full exclusive access to the island and 100% attention from your 3 guides and staff. Hunt for 8-10 year old rams scoring up to and over 180” Boone & Crockett or a mature management ram from 160-170” Boone & Crockett. After you have harvested your ram you can relax on the secluded beach, snorkel or kayak in the Sea of Cortez, or partake in the world class Billfish and Dorado fishing which is all included in your hunt.

On the mainland of Mexico, in the heart of the Sonora Desert, our outfitter offers an incredible hunt for trophy Desert Bighorn Sheep. This large ranch is home to a healthy population of free ranging rams and offers the client a great opportunity at rams scoring an average of 150-170” Boone & Crockett. You will stay at a beautiful ranch house equipped with a fireplace and comfortable living accommodations. Your two local professional guides and camp staff will work hard to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. During your 10 day hunt you will spend many hours hiking and glassing in an effort to locate a mature trophy ram. Desert Mule Deer and Coues Deer can be added to this hunt to complete the Mexico experience.

All hunts include transportation to and from local airports and one non-hunting companion. Extras costs are license, tag, CITES permit, firearm importation permit, staff tips, Federal taxes and Conservation fee, and trophy exportation.

Contact Outdoor Adventure Specialists for further information and planning of your Desert Sheep hunt. A small deposit and payment plan can make this hunt much more obtainable then you would think. If you are looking to finish your slam, this hunt is for you!!

Desert Bighorn Sheep


This was my first time booking a hunting trip and wanted it to be something special for my son Myles . Chris made the whole process simple from start to finish and helped me navigate all the paperwork, permits, etc. We booked the New Zealand Red Stag hunt and it was everything Chris said it would be and more. The staff did a superb job at making us feel welcome and relaxed at camp. More than just the hunt I wanted a place with nice accommodations and great food and they delivered. Our guide made sure we had a great time and help us find a nice Red Stag and Arapawa Ram. I would highly recommend using him for his experience. Thank you Chris for all your help in making this hunting trip go smooth and I would recommend using OAS for your next hunting Adventure.

- Dwayne & Myles of Newmanstown, PA

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