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Woodland Caribou

The swampy bogs and tundra of this large island off the mainland Canada coast holds the southernmost population of Woodland Caribou. This family owned and operated outfitter has been guiding successful archery and rifle caribou clients for many years, with many being combination hunts with Canada Moose. The outfitter only utilizes two different fly in camps that are located in an ecological reserve, far from any road. Both lodges have many modern conveniences of home such as hot and cold running water, showers, generator electricity, and satellite telephone. Each of them are heated by wood stoves which makes the task of drying clothing and boots much easier. Camps are typically limited to only accommodate 2-4 hunters at a time. All hunts are guided 1x1. With limited caribou tags available each season the population continues to produce big trophy bulls.

Spot and stalk is the preferred method of hunting the Woodland Caribou. Caribou will normally be out of velvet by the first week in September. The rut usually occurs during the first week of October and lasts until the end of October. The success rate on caribou hunting normally runs between 80-100%. With this area being densely populated by Moose, many hunters decide to book a combination Moose/Caribou hunt.  

Hunts include accommodations for seven nights and six days of hunting: all meals included at camp, lunches for hunting, ground transportation to and from airport, bush plane flights to and from camp, animal cleaning and quartering in field, trophy preparation, flying out of meat and trophies, and transportation of meat to the butcher.

Newfoundland is a popular destination for hunters located in the northeastern United States. Due to the islands close proximity to the Maine border you will have the option to travel by vehicle. Driving can help save money on travel expenses, meat shipping, and butchering. You will need to take a ferry onto the island, but the outfitter will arrange parking and transportation to camp.

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Woodland Caribou


My Dad and I always wanted to do an Elk Hunt together. With the help of OAS we were able to do a New Mexico Elk Hunt. We saw hundreds of Elk and saw 5+ bulls each day and heard a ton of bugles. We will be booking another hunt very soon!!

- Chris and Kirk from Carlisle, Pa

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