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Whitetail Deer Missouri

Hunt one of the best kept secrets in the Whitetail woods!! Northern Missouri comes close to offering the legendary bucks of Iowa, but with an over-the-counter license. The acorn flats, timber ridges, and large agricultural fields are the perfect place to grow and hunt big mature bucks. This outfitter has been operating two lodges in this area for over 15 years. Both lodges are well equipped with satellite TV, nice bunk beds, and a large common area. Home cooked meals and packed lunches are provided with every hunt. The hardworking guides scout throughout the day to assure their clients are always in the areas with the hottest movement.

The firearm season is an easy transition for eastern hunters as you are able to use your favorite deer hunting rifle. This season is a great opportunity to sit well traveled areas and food sources looking for a big Midwestern whitetail. The archery season will be during the pre-rut and rut. Sitting field edges, pinch points, and bedding areas while using decoys and calling make for a great whitetail hunting adventure.

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Late Season Iowa Success

Late Season Iowa Success

January 1st, 2014 was the beginning of a new year and also a great day to be in Iowa with a tag in hand. With snow coming down and the temperatures hovering around 0 degrees, the deer were on their feet and piling into the standing soybeans. Read more...


I took my first bull elk on September 7th 2014 after 5 tough days of hunting. OAS is responsible for setting the whole hunt up and walking me through the licence process. I always look forward to working with OAS and will be booking another adventure in the near future. Thanks Chris for making a dream come true.

- Chuck of Woodbury, New Jersey

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