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Whitetail Deer Illinois

For many years, Illinois has been known to produce some of the largest antlered bucks in the lower 48. In the heart of Clark & Edgar counties, this outfitter personally owns 1,600 acres and leases over 12,000 acres of prime whitetail habitat. The properties are not only planted in row crops such as soybeans and corn, but the outfitter also plants hundreds of acres of lush food plots. Even with the right nutrition and genetics, the outfitter uses a 130” antler restriction to ensure the bucks have the age to produce large antlers. Our outfitter utilizes four lodges and limits the numbers of hunters at each location to make for a more personal experience. Each camp has at least one cook, all the accommodations of home, and is a great place to relax after a long day on stand.

This outfitter is ARCHERY ONLY for all properties in Illinois which alleviates all the gun pressure and creates a safe area for deer to retreat to during gun season.  Archery hunts start as early as Oct 1st and run through the January late season. Prime rutting activity is typically the first 3 weeks in November. Pre-rut hunts over scrapes are also a great time of year to see mature bucks on their feet and within range.

This outfitter also operates a great hunt for Indiana Archery or Firearms.

Illinois Whitetail Deer

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Late Season Iowa Success

Late Season Iowa Success

January 1st, 2014 was the beginning of a new year and also a great day to be in Iowa with a tag in hand. With snow coming down and the temperatures hovering around 0 degrees, the deer were on their feet and piling into the standing soybeans. Read more...


I wanted to hunt Antelope with my bow. Chris set me up on an amazing hunt, making sure I was prepared between proper tags purchased, and travel itinerary. He even contacted me a day before my hunt while he was on his honeymoon to make sure I was all set! Who does that?? A great service provider that's who! I will definitely use his services again.

- Clif of Gloversville, New York

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