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Mule Deer Whitetail Colorado

The eastern plains of Colorado has built a reputation over the past 20+ years for producing some incredible Mule Deer. This area is comprised of large rolling ranches with millions of acres of irrigated crops which provides optimal food and water conditions for deer. These rolling hills and flat farmland are home to very large antlered Mule deer and Whitetail bucks. Our outfitter has been involved in building that reputation by putting his clients on trophy deer year after year. Expect to hunt trophy Mule Deer scoring over 180” and trophy Whitetail Deer scoring over 160”. With thousands of acres to hunt, very limited pressure on private land, a healthy deer population with practically non-existent winter kill, provides this outfitter a nearly perfect success record.

Hunts are conducted with one guide for two hunters. Spotting antler tips hovering above the grass while glassing from a distant vantage point, the stalk is on. Multiple stalks per day is the norm for this area. Much of the hunting is done from a truck to access ranch roads, but some light hiking is required. Archery and rifle hunters enjoy a nearly perfect success rate every season. With archery tackle your guide will get you close, but the final stalk will be left for you to complete. Lodging will be comfortable ranch houses with home cooked meals.

Colorado uses a preference point system for the tags in this area. Archery tags require 1-3 points and rifle tags require 3-6 points. Landowner vouchers are sometimes available for purchase.

If killing a giant mule deer buck is on your bucket list, this hunt will provide you the opportunity to realize a dream. Spots are very limited and typically hunts are booked 1-2 years in advance. Call today to begin the first steps in realizing that dream!!

Colorado Mule Deer Whitetail


“I have hunted just about everything Canada has to offer me. Have seen and experienced some amazing events. But this gator hunt that Chris prepared for me was truly an all together exceptional experience of its own. Even after all the action was done. And back home in Alberta Canada, OAS followed up with the handling of the trophy right to my door step.”

- Dane of Alberta, Canada

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