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Exotics Texas

A family owned and operated outfitter based out of the Texas Hill Country offers multiple opportunities all over the great state of Texas. With many connections throughout the state, we can offer a wide variety of species and experiences to fit your budget and needs. We can provide a opportunity at a once in a lifetime gold medal trophy or provide you with a fun weekend away hunting with your family. Let O.A.S. build you the perfect package, no matter your budget or restrictions. Experience Texas the right way!!

Species offered:

Addax - Afghan Urial - Alpine Ibex - Angora Goat- Aoudad - Arabian Oryx - Armenian Mouflon Sheep - Axis Deer - Barasingha - Beisa Oryx - Bison - Black Wildebeest - Blackbuck - Black Hawaiian Sheep - Blesbok - Blue Wildebeast - Bongo - Catalina Goat - Chinese Water Deer - Corsican Sheep - Dama Gazelle - Eland - Eld’s Deer - Rocky Mountain Elk - Fallow Deer - Four Horn Jacobs Sheep - Fringe Eared Oryx - Gemsbok - Grant’s Gazelle - Himalayan Tahr - Hog Deer - Impala - Iranian Red Sheep - Javelina - Kafue Lechwe - Kudu - Markhor - Mouflon Sheep - Muntjak - Nile Lechewe - Nilgai - Nubian Ibex - Nyala - Painted Desert Sheep - Pere David Deer - Persian Gazelle - Persian Ibex - Red Lechewe - Red Stag - Roan- Rusa Stag - Sable - Sambar Deer - Scimitar Horned Oryx - Sika Dee - Sitatunga - Springbok - Texas - Dall Sheep - Texas Ibex - Thompson Gazelle - Transcaspian Uria - Water Buck - Water Buffalo - West Caucation Tur - Zebra - Watusi - Yak

Texas Exotics


“I was seeking a South Texas whitetail hunt that had quality bucks and could accommodate a paraplegic.  Chris was quite thorough on my special needs and found an excellent whitetail destination that fulfilled everything I could want and need for this adventure.  I was fortunate enough to take my largest rifle buck and enjoyed a comfortable and accessible stay at the lodge.  Everything was perfect.  I'm looking forward to booking more hunts through OAS so I can go after the best trophy animal and still have accommodations that suit my special needs.”

- Paul of Candor, New York

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Outdoor Adventure Specialists is a full service booking agency which prides itself on honesty, integrity, and proficiency. Let Outdoor Adventure Specialists take the uncertainty out of your next Exotics Texas adventure.

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